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2nd Look

Drive more revenue from AVOD

using Server-Side Ad Insertion

Publisher Benefits 

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Increase Programmatic Bidding

With 2nd Look, you can offer pods individually right before the ad break occurs. This enables programmatic systems to bid on ad pods one at a time, with better information about their win/loss performance on previous pods. This increases the number of bidders for each individual pod and results

in increased fill and CPM through competition.

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Improve Render Rates

Render Rate is the ratio of ads viewed to all ads decisioned. Programmatic bidding systems place less value on inventory with low render rates because they are unsure, when bidding, if their ads will be viewed. Triggering ad decisions only for ad pods that are about to be viewed significantly improves render rate.

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Improve Start-up Times

Leading AVOD publishers estimate ad decisions can add three or more seconds to video start up times. Deferring those decisions until after the video starts with 2nd Look significantly reduces start up times, resulting in an ideal consumer experience.


Maximize SSAI’s Capabilities

Publishers wanting to simplify their ad stack and improve their customer experience migrate their VOD traffic to SSAI. Doing so, however, contributes to issues with start-up times, programmatic demand, and decreased render rates.


2nd Look provides publishers the ability to migrate to SSAI without sacrificing the benefits of making ad decisions throughout the video stream.

2nd Look In The News

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Scott Halpert, Penthera's SVP,  Product & Partnerships, and Marco Frazier, Founder & CEO, Screen+, discuss why streaming services need to think differently about ad monetization for better results.

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Scott Halpert, SVP, Product & Partnerships at Penthera does a Q&A with MediaPosts Charlene Weisler on the grown of Server-Side Ad Insertion.


Scott Halpert, SVP, Product & Partnerships at Penthera, was featured in Streaming Media, discussing how render rates affect publisher revenue.

Watch Scott Halpert, Penthera's SVP, Product & Partnerships, and Marco Frazier, Founder & CEO, Screen+, discuss why streaming services need to think differently about ad monetization for better results.

Brian Kline, Penthera's President, talks to MediaPost's Charlene Weisler about the opportunities and challenges facing AVODs and how Penthera's product 2nd Look solves publishers' challenges.

Scott Halpert, Penthera's SVP, Product & Partnerships, partners with Streaming Media to educate the industry on how low render rates impact revenue and supply path optimization. 

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As of March 2023, 2nd Look is a unique offering within the Amazon Partner Network. The Amazon accreditation validates 2nd Look’s technical capabilities and means Video On Demand publishers using MediaTailor as their ad stitcher will receive dedicated support from Amazon Web Services when deploying 2nd Look, which requires no integration on the publisher’s side.
Download our latest White Paper to learn more about 2nd Look and how it maximizes Server- Side Ad Insertion's capabilities to drive higher revenues for AVOD publishers.
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