Reach a more engaged audience with an improved ad experience.
Penthera’s technology enables AVOD services to take advantage of download functionality by replicating the streaming ad model in an offline environment and creating a significant new source of revenue. This is completely new inventory for ad buyers.
Offline ads can make a significant impact.
Use this calculator to estimate how much incremental revenue you could earn each month.
These are estimates based on Penthera's proprietary data on download trends across our global network.
18% of viewers abandon a stream because of startup delays. Want to reduce abandonment and increase monetization with Download for AVOD?

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Penthera's patented technology is the first of its kind, supporting both the client and the server side and allowing your viewers to watch refreshed, current ads.
We're integrating with the best ad servers in the industry, allowing you to seamlessly track viewability and ad metrics.
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