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For ad-supported video providers, every ad impression counts.

How do you maximize the value of your ad inventory and ensure your content is enjoyed without interruption?

With the complex video and ad delivery networks, AVODs are losing money to common failures in their ad infrastructure and delivery path. Missed opportunities, programmatic time-out windows, and low bid density are costing revenue. At the same time QoE issues are causing viewers to abandon streams before they finish. Our Personal Edge and SSAI monetization improvement products can help AVODs maximize revenue while delivering the best video experience to their viewers.

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Why should AVODs focus on QoE & monetization?

Global CTV ad spend reaching $20B in 2022

 CTV programmatic is growing 39% per year

32% of viewers use another app after experiencing a streaming issue

How can we help?

Improve CPMs, fill rate and render rates for AVODs using Server-Side Ad Insertion

Increase viewer engagement and session length by eliminating common video quality issues

Reduce common errors with ad decision time outs and programmatic time-to-live expiration

Ensure your app is providing the best streaming experience with our best-in-class support team

Penthera products for AVODs

2nd Look increases flexibility in decisioning for SSAI AVOD

PlayAssure addresses video quality issues like re-buffering caused by network constraints beyond your CDN

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