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Video streaming is fraught with experiential issues that lead to stream abandonment and churn. By letting your users download videos from your app, they can watch uninterrupted and in high quality—even when they don’t have a strong internet connection or unlimited data plan.


Penthera can get you up and running quickly with the fastest, most sophisticated download solution in the market, Penthera Download. Our light and efficient SDK integrates directly with your mobile app, and the Penthera Server System gives you complete control over how your content is downloaded.

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Leading global OTT provider Paramount+ has a tiered subscription model that offers users two price points: one charges a lower fee with advertising to meet revenue needs, while the other is a premium tier with a higher fee and no advertising. 

Paramount+ needed to deliver more value to justify the higher subscription tier, especially as the OTT industry faces high levels of subscription fatigue.

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Offering Download as a key feature of the premium plan incentivizes users to upgrade their subscription.

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Use Cases

"Working with Penthera brought us the download experience our subscribers deserved and it was all delivered much faster than we expected due to their support during development and launch. 

- Fabio Lima, Product Manager

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What sets Penthera Download apart?
  • Integrates with your existing video infrastructure including  CDN, DRM and Android or iOS apps. 


  • The fastest download engine on the market, 6 to 8X faster than Netflix and Prime Video’s download features. 


  • Highly configurable rules engine provides complete control over content permissions and device-level settings.

  • Analytics that gives insight into how often your app users are downloading and other performance metrics. 

  • A support team that monitors performance to ensure your customers always maintain a great experience.

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Get an analysis of how many users you're losing to streaming issues.

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