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Data: Surprising Insights About Mobile Viewers in 12 Different Countries

October 30, 2020

A mobile video revolution is happening around the globe. Viewers are increasingly watching video content on their phones and tablets, and the convenience offered by mobile viewing is becoming a part of everyday modern life. But do users across different regions feel the same way about mobile video?

To learn more about audiences around the globe, Penthera’s insights team has led studies in four key regions in the last few months: the U.S., India, Latin America, and Western Europe. We asked a range of questions about how often they stream on mobile, what kinds of frustrations they encounter, and how they feel about features like downloading and ad-supported content. We found that, across the globe, 90% of users have been frustrated trying to stream video, 70% of users expect streaming services to include a download feature, and that 69% of users would pay more to have a downloading feature.

We also learned some interesting, and often surprising, facts about how people in 12 different countries* use mobile video. 

About mobile streaming and frustrating experiences:

Brasil, India, and Mexico have the highest rate of daily mobile streamers. 

  • 71% of Brasilians stream video on mobile every day, while 70% do in India and 68% in Mexico.

Argentina and Brasil have the highest rate of mobile video frustration. France and Germany have the lowest rate of frustration—yet their numbers are still high. 

  • 94% of Argentinians and Brasilians have been frustrated with mobile videos.
  • 82% of French and 84% of Germans report feelings of frustration.

When they encounter frustrating issues: Indians are most likely to give up and try again later and most likely to write a negative app review. 

  • 66% of people in India say when they experience issues, they give up and try again later. 27% say they write a negative app review. 

In four countries, more than half of viewers say they wait an average 5 seconds or more for videos to load on mobile—with Americans waiting the most. 

  • 71% of those in the U.S. say mobile videos take 5 seconds or more to load on average.
  • More than half of Brasilian, Colombian, and Mexican viewers have to wait 5+ seconds.

About mobile video downloading:

India has the highest percentage of viewers who download mobile videos.

  • 90% of Indians download mobile videos, including 43% who do so daily.
  • 70% of people in the UK, Spain, and the Netherlands download—but only 52% of French people do.

Brasilians have the highest expectation for streaming services to include a download feature, followed by Mexico and Colombia.

  • 90% of people in Brasil expect streaming services to offer downloadable content.
  • 89% of Mexicans and 79% of Colombians also expect a downloading feature.

Brasilians would pay the most for downloading. French viewers would pay the least.

  • 88% of viewers in Brasil would pay a premium each month for the ability to download content on mobile. 
  • Only 54% of people in France would pay for this feature.

People in Mexico are more likely to subscribe when streaming services offer a downloading feature than others. 

  • 79% of Mexicans said a download feature would make them more likely to subscribe to a service. 
  • 33% of Indians and 23% of people in the UK said a download option would make them less likely to cancel a service. 

About AVOD:

Brasilians are the most likely to use a service with free downloads with ads.

  • 65% of people in Brasil say they’d use a service that offered them downloadable content for free with ads.

Indians are most likely to download an app from a company who offers ad-supported downloads.

  • 43% of people in India say they’d be more likely to download an app with free video downloading with ads.

*Countries surveyed include the U.S., India, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Colombia, Brasil, Mexico, and Argentina.


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