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Watch Your Favorite Videos Instantly with Fastplay

October 30, 2020
Megan Fullagar

Recently, on a business trip in Las Vegas, I found myself frantically trying to watch a cat video my best friend sent me, only to be held hostage by a buffering wheel of infinity. Likely a result of spotty hotel wifi, I was suddenly running all around the resort trying to find a pocket of connectivity as I desperately tried to get the video to play on my phone. I couldn’t help but think how unfortunate it is that so many OTT providers fall victim to a poor wifi signal, especially with the plethora of excellent cat-related content out there. Ultimately, the whole thing was a bit of a lost cause and I was left unable to concur that it was the funniest video of the year.

We’ve all been there, likely on multiple occasions. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 88% of people polled said they had experienced streaming frustrations. When asked about what they did when faced with these issues, over half (56%) of respondents said they completely give up and try again later. For OTT providers, though, given the crowded state of the marketplace, it’s not worth the risk of losing the attention of viewers. Especially if other providers are seeking out solutions that improve the user experience at the outset.

One such solution is Penthera’s Fastplay technology. When it comes to OTT and mobile video viewing, it is actually possible to ensure that a video will play the instant viewers want. Driven by the same powerful technology that powers our download engine, Fastplay downloads small portions of video to a users’ mobile devices, so it is enabled the second they want to watch. Easy to implement and available on both iOs and Android, it seems like a simple step that will ensure your viewers can watch your content the instant they hit play.

It’s often not OTT providers’ fault when viewers face poor connectivity. It is, however, their problem when their viewers can’t see their videos. Whether viewers opt out of the app completely or write a negative review, the consequences of a bad streaming experience will impact the provider. Meryl Streep once said that “instant gratification is not soon enough.” Luckily with options like Fastplay, viewers won’t have to wait. As an added bonus, they also won’t have to scale their hotel rooms to watch your content (cat or otherwise).

Curious to learn more? Visit our Fastplay solution page or contact us and we’ll set up a demo.


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