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2nd Look

Increase fill rates and CPMs on server-side ad insertion (SSAI) inventory for VOD.

SSAI solves critical user experience problems, but introduces new monetization challenges for publishers, especially for programmatic ad sources. Ad decisions with SSAI on VOD must all be made before the video starts. Resulting issues with time-outs, bid density, and time-to-live expirations cause significant lost revenue.

2nd Look enables publishers to make real time ad requests with their existing SSAI infrastructure resulting in higher yield and increased revenue.


Data Cloud


2nd Look is deployed as a cloud solution and works alongside existing ad stack

TV Screens

Device Reach

Works with all CTV, mobile, desktop, and game consoles



Compatible with existing ad stitcher and publisher app

Publisher Benefits Include

Deliver faster start-up times by delaying ad decisions

Increase yield from both primary ad server and programmatic partners

Increase CPM by driving competition through higher bid density

Reduce ads that go unmonetized due to exceeding time-to-live windows 

Reduce dropped ads due to ad stitcher timeouts

Increase render rates - only call ads that will likely be played

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