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  • How does Penthera Download work? What are the major components of the product?
    Penthera Download consists of two major components: the Client SDK and the Penthera Cloud. The Client SDK is a binary library that links into your mobile app (iOS, Android). The SDK assumes all of the complex responsibilities for downloading, managing, securing, playing and deleting downloaded content. The Penthera Cloud is a centralized server management system for Penthera Download. The Penthera Cloud exposes a secure web API and a web console to configure and manage your settings and configurations.
  • Does Penthera's download engine rely heavily on the native download engines of iOS and Android?
    No. Unlike other solutions, we built a custom download engine from the ground up, without relying heavily on the native download engines of either operating system. This allows us to deliver video downloads faster and more reliably than other download solutions. Our Android and iOS SDKs are constantly improved and optimized for the unique complexities of both operating systems and the wide variety of devices they are present on.
  • What advantages does Penthera Download have over alternative systems provided by online video platforms or DRM systems?
    Penthera Download provides the most robust and flexible download capability in the market. It is the result of over a decade of development and 16 patents on processes to increase the reliability and speed of downloads, including patents for ad-supported downloads. Other download solutions that are not as robust and regularly tested can frustrate users by draining their battery, having high download failure rates, and causing situations where a video is downloaded but cannot be played back. Penthera's years of expertise help prevent these issues and facilitate a better user experience. OTT providers also need to know their content is protected. Penthera has implemented extensive business rules and content protection capabilities, so you don't have to build them yourself.
  • Will Penthera integrate with my environment and existing streaming infrastructure?
    Yes. Penthera designed our download engine to integrate into a variety of OTT video environments with as few changes as possible. We rely on standard HTTP interfaces to your CDN, CMS, and DRM servers and provide APIs for you to utilize. Additionally, Penthera Download can handle all modern streaming formats.
  • How does Penthera Download integrate with my DRM system?
    Penthera Download interacts with your existing DRM system so that your rules are maintained when your video is played back, regardless of whether the device is online or offline. Penthera Download is internally integrated with Google's Widevine and Apple's FairPlay DRM, allowing rapid deployment of protected content. It also interoperates with most other commercial DRM systems, including Adobe Access, and has been deployed with internal DRM servers. The product has also been deployed with Multi-DRM solutions, including those from CastLabs and BuyDRM.
  • How does Penthera handle permissions and business rules?
    Penthera Download has a sophisticated permissions capability. We've developed and refined rules to ensure that your content is protected and that your customers aren't impacted by poorly implemented content controls and permission checks. Our technology enables you to manage content on customer devices, limit the number of customer devices on a single account with content on them, and more. We also have a wide range of customizable business rules, including: max copies of an asset per account and limits on devices, accounts, or assets. Additionally, expiry and remote wipe functionality ensures that your content remains protected even if a device goes offline for an extended period of time, or permanently.
  • I often hear about customers having trouble with downloaded content from some providers, how does Penthera ensure a good customer experience?
    Penthera has worked with the most demanding customers in the industry, so we are very focused on both the customer and end-user experience. Our product ensures your customers won’t experience common failures that result from a poorly implemented download technology. Although the specific steps we’ve taken to ensure a smooth download experience are too numerous to describe, here are some examples. Error handling: There are many reasons that a download can fail—wireless networks, whether mobile or WiFi, are unreliable. Penthera’s error handling technology provides multiple opportunities to retry a download when conditions improve or a network change has taken place. Background download: Penthera’s proprietary engine initiates and continues downloads even when the app is not active or running. License renewal: Penthera works with your DRM provider to make sure that DRM licenses are updated regularly so your customers won’t be disappointed when they try to access downloads while offline.
  • What kind of analytics are available with Penthera Download?
    Events that are tracked include: queue for download, user removed download from queue, download start, download complete, app/SDK start, user-triggered delete of an asset, asset expiries, asset is played, download pause, start playback, and pause playback. Additionally, Penthera's customer support team constantly monitors download events and errors to advise our customers on any impacts to customer experience, and how to fix them.
  • Does Penthera Download support 4K, VR or 3D video?
    Yes. 4K, VR and 3D video can be difficult to stream reliably even over a high-quality broadband connection. Penthera Download can download these formats, to ensure perfect-quality playback, no matter the network conditions.
  • Does Penthera support downloading on desktop or other devices?
    Yes. Penthera Download is currently deployed on Chromebooks through the applications available in the Google Play app store. Additionally, Macs that run iOS/iPadOS apps are also supported by Penthera Download.
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