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2nd Look


Increase revenue and improve video start-up times for ad-supported VOD

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Just-In-Time Ad Insertion for AVOD

2nd Look is the only fully cloud-based Server-Guided Ad Insertion solution to provide just-in-time ad insertion for ad-supported publishers using Server-Side Ad Insertion.

Increased Ad Fill

Reduce the impact of ad decision failures and ensure more consistent programmatic demand.

Faster Video Startup Times

Avoid making your viewers wait for all ad decisions in the stream to be made.

Improved Render Rate

Eliminate wasted ad decisions by only inserting ads that are likely to be seen.

Simplified Transition from Client-Side Ad Insertion

Get the benefits of SSAI without losing just-in-time ad decisioning.

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2nd Look Identified as "Trend Setter" by Streaming Media 


2nd Look wins TVOT Award for Monetization Product


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