As OTT video skyrockets, it’s becoming increasingly important for providers to ensure a good experience across all the devices users watch on. This can be especially difficult on mobile which, despite accounting for over 50% of all video viewing (source: DigitalTV), remains fraught with problems. In fact, 91% of viewers have experienced lag, buffering and other frustrations when trying to watch on their phone or tablet. This is usually caused by last mile issues as content travels over unreliable wifi or cellular networks, from the CDN’s edge to the user’s device.
"71% of people across 12 countries worldwide expect a streaming service
to include download functionality."
Penthera eliminates these problems, extending the edge all the way to the device to make mobile viewing a flawless experience. Our Penthera Download technology enables users to download videos from your mobile app—so they can watch uninterrupted even when they don’t have a strong internet connection or unlimited data plan.

Our download engine plugs into your existing mobile app and video infrastructure, providing high performance without disruption. Penthera Download works with DRM-protected content, and includes customizable business rules that allow for flexibility with storage, battery life, permissions, network usage, and more. We also offer the only downloading solution for AVOD providers, which enables offline advertising.

Investing in technology that gives your viewers a flawless and immersive experience will not only help you compete–you'll also reduce churn and stream abandonment, increase viewership, drive longer sessions, and engage your app users wherever they go.

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