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Penthera Download

Attract and retain customers with the best-in-class download feature

Whether to provide a valuable feature to your customers, or to increase viewability of your content, mobile download is a must-have feature for video providers. In fact, 69% of subscribers say they use the download feature, and 41% claim they are more likely to subscribe if a service makes download available.

Penthera Download offers the most reliable solution in the market to ensure your customers aren’t interrupted when they want to watch your content, anywhere.


Image by Markus Spiske


Deployed to your app with your existing player, DRM, and CDN

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Best In Class Performance

Get the fastest download speeds for old and new mobile devices


Robust Permissions & Security

Protect your content and enforce business rules with a full set of content, device and subscriber controls

Publisher Benefits Include

Enable customers to watch your content offline, or on unreliable wireless networks

Analytics for product performance, usage and customer support

Offer a reliable download feature on premium tiers to reduce churn

Support pricing and content license models with usage permissions and controls

Don’t waste development resources building and upgrading your mobile app for download

Proactive support and monitoring team to ensure the best viewer experience

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