Download +
A set of features built to increase in-app engagement.
As the streaming wars heat up, it’s become imperative for providers to ensure seamless viewing wherever users watch, across all platforms. Penthera Download+ offers a set of features built to solve mobile viewing issues, aid the discovery of content, and improve engagement with download functionality. 

With solutions that enhance your app experience—such as buffer-free viewing, automatic episode downloading, and innovative personalized marketing—Download+ makes it easier for viewers to watch content in your app, regardless of connectivity.

Download + Includes:

Penthera Download: Penthera’s flagship downloading technology that solves connectivity issues and other last mile issues by extending the edge to viewers’ personal devices. Learn more about Penthera Download here. 

A feature that lets users have episodic content automatically downloaded to their mobile devices, making binge-watching easy. Like a pocket-sized DVR, Auto-Download increases mobile sessions and loyalty by making it easy for your viewers to enjoy the content they love - anytime, anywhere.

: A feature that lets providers deliver customized video downloads to their devices and link to them with push notifications and email. Using your existing messaging technology, you can help users discover new content by sharing downloaded trailers, episodes, show clips, or promotional content that can be watched on mobile regardless of connectivity. 

To learn more about Penthera Download+ and the features it uses to optimize for continuous viewing, content discovery, and promotion, contact us today.
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