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Reduce the risk of your network crashing due to an overwhelming amount of viewers all trying to stream the same video at the same time. Embargo pre-downloads an encrypted version of that video content on viewers’ devices and unlocks it at a future date/time in order to balance/reduce the load during high peak viewing times.   


She’s excited about streaming the season finale of her favorite hit show which airs Sunday night at 9pm EST. The problem is, so is everyone else. This could not only ruin Nina’s experience, but also crash the network—a far greater problem.  Luckily, behind the scenes, Penthera’s Embargo already downloaded an encrypted version of this episode to her devices at 3am EST Sunday morning. At 9pm, Nina’s tune in will be a download experience, versus a stream. That means Nina will have a seamless, high-quality experience and the network will not be taxed at all.

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