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Introducing Penthera’s New Innovation Partner Program

At Penthera, we’re constantly developing new technology to combat the streaming video experience issues viewers face when trying to watch from their favorite apps. Our products are currently helping video providers around the world including Paramount+, Showtime, Telecine, HBO Europe, Beachbody and others provide a great viewing experience to their audiences—ultimately reducing stream abandonment and churn.

Now, we’re looking for forward-thinking video app companies to partner with us and bring some of our exciting new products to market via our Innovation Partner Program.

What happens in Penthera’s Innovation Partner Program?

Working closely with our team, innovation partners will get the opportunity to deploy 1 or 2 of Penthera’s beta products to their customer base for at least 6 months—for free.

Plus, you’ll get to be one of the first services offering groundbreaking streaming solutions to improve your viewers’ experience and gain valuable insights into your customers’ behaviors.

What are the benefits to joining the Innovation Partner Program?

  • Free use of Penthera products for life of innovation relationship, and discounted pricing thereafter. This will also include:

    • Full support at no cost

    • Penthera integration resources as necessary at no cost

  • Access to analytics and telemetry on-stream performance

  • Marketing/co-marketing opportunities to raise visibility

What type of partners are a fit for the Innovation Partner Program?

  • Small Direct-to-Consumer applications in SVOD, AVOD, Fitness, Education or other vertical

  • Focused on improving customer experience related to re-buffering, start-up buffering, and video quality

  • Nimble team to work with our team to implement an innovative product, measure its impact, and improve your customers’ experience

How can I join?

If you’re interested in learning more about the program, contact our Chief Product Officer Brian Kline to see if your streaming service would be a good fit.


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