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23 Mother’s Day Movies You Can Download From Your Favorite Apps

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, but not everyone can celebrate with their family in person, whether because they're in a lockdown or just because they live in a different place. Luckily, one thing we've learned from the pandemic is remote celebrations can be so much more than just a phone call. With Zoom we can video chat, and with new features from video streaming services like Netflix, we can even watch movies together across vast distances.

Party watch, or group watch, features make it easy to view content in sync. But if you're video chatting at the same time, this can put a strain on the network, which is why downloading videos before a movie night can help. Downloading videos lets viewers avoid streaming problems like buffering, start-up delays, or low-quality images caused by network connectivity issues.

So whether you’re a mother yourself or celebrating one this year, we’ve put together a list of films that feature moms that you can stream or download.

Recommendations from the moms who work at Penthera:

  1. Juno (Starz)

  2. This is 40 (Prime Video)

  3. Tully (Hulu)

  4. Lady Bird (Netflix)

  5. Incredibles 2 (Disney+)

Other movies about motherhood you can stream or download:

8. Mother’s Day (Prime Video)

9. Otherhood (Netflix)

10. Monster’s in Law (HBO Max)

11. It’s Complicated (Starz)

12. She’s Having A Baby (Paramount+)

13. Book Club(YouTube)

14. Before You Know It (Showtime Anytime)

15. Mamma Mia! (Peacock)

17. Freaky Friday (Disney+)

18. Because I Said So (Prime Video)

19. Fun Mom Dinner (Netflix)

20. The Meddler (Starz)

21. Bad Moms (YouTube)

22. Life Size 2 (Disney+)

23. Georgia Rule (Netflix)

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, especially to those at Penthera!

Disclaimer: we’ve verified these titles are available in the United States, check your local streaming service for availability.


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