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This New Playbook Shares How to Break Through OTT Revenue Plateau

Despite the exponential growth of the OTT industry, streaming video providers are having to work overtime to stay in the game. It’s a gold rush, and countless competitors are entering across entertainment, fitness, and other industries to get their share. That means it’s crucial to use every tool at your disposal to keep revenue high and churn low. This can be particularly tricky for subscription based streaming providers (SVODs) as revenue depends on viewers paying each month to access content. The average viewer only subscribes to a few services, and there are free, ad-supported services that add to the video streaming competition.

The guide shares tips on how to increase subscribers while limiting churn, how to boost loyalty and engagement, and how to go beyond content to make a product that viewers enjoy using. They also give advice on how to experiment with pricing and billing strategy, and other ways to avoid a revenue plateau.

This high-value playbook is free to download on MPP’s website. Check it out here.

The guide also discusses the kinds of features and technology that can set an OTT service apart from the competition, like video download functionality: “Adding the ability to download content for offline consumption lets users watch in high-quality, without interruptions like buffering, even when their connection is weak or non-existent,” explains MPP’s guide.

If you’re interested in learning more about technology solutions that can add value to your product to increase engagement and reduce churn, check out Penthera’s streaming solutions or contact one of our experts.


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