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How Streaming Video Viewers Differ Across Latin America in 2021

In our most recent Latin American Streaming Video Report, we surveyed viewers across four countries in the region: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. The report shed a lot of light on viewers in Latin America and how their behaviors and attitudes regarding streaming video are distinct from those in the U.S., Europe, and beyond.

Yet, although there are trends in Latin America, the region itself is not a monolith. There are plenty of differences between the countries we surveyed when it comes to which devices viewers use, what type of content they prefer to watch, what frustrates them about streaming, and more. In this blog post, we dig deeper into our data and share some country-specific insights from our latest LatAm data. Read on to learn more about these different audiences and how they approach streaming video today.

Viewing devices and preferences

Mobile is most commonly used in Mexico.

  • 95% of viewers in Mexico watch on mobile, compared to 90% in Argentina, 87% in Brazil, and 90% in Colombia.

Yet Colombian viewers have the highest affinity for mobile.

  • 66% of Colombians rank mobile as their #1 platform for watching.

  • Mobile is the #1 favorite device in all countries.

More Mexican viewers prefer subscription-based streaming video (45%) than ad-supported (35%).

  • The same is true in Colombia, where 35% prefer subscription-based streaming video over AVOD (32%).

However, in Argentina, more viewers prefer ad-supported content (45%) than subscriptions (30%).

  • In Brazil there is equal preference for ad and subscription-based streaming (37%).

Across all four countries, viewers spend the most time watching on mobile, but the second most popular device differs.

  • In Brazil and Mexico viewers watch more CTV than PC.

  • Viewers in Colombia watch more on PC than CTV.

  • Argentinian viewers watch on CTV and PC the same amount.

Mobile is most frequently used to watch in Mexico, where 63% watch on mobile every day.

  • PC is most popular in Brazil where 40% watch on PC every day.

Across all countries, viewers are using several devices to watch each day.

  • 89% of Mexican viewers watch on 2 or more devices every day, with 39% watching on 3 or more.

  • 88% of Brazilian viewers watch on 2 or more devices, with 39% watching on 3 or more.

  • 84% of Argentinian viewers watch on 2 or more devices, with 38% watching on 3 or more.

  • 82% of Colombian viewers watch on 2 or more devices, with 33% watching on 3 or more.

In all countries, the most popular place to watch videos on mobile devices is at home—with 90% of viewers or more saying they watch at home.

  • “While commuting” is the second most popular place to watch in Argentina (29%) and Brazil (27%).

  • “While out and about” is the second most popular place to watch in Colombia (26%) and Mexico (30%).

Viewer experience and frustrations

Viewers’ most common frustration when streaming video is different across the region.

  • Videos re-buffering is the most common frustration for viewers in Argentina (60%), Colombia (65%), and Mexico (62%).

  • Yet in Brazil, the most frustrating experience is startup delays, with 48% saying they are frustrated by videos taking too long to play.

All countries are most frustrated when watching on mobile, but they disagree about PC and CTV.

  • Argentina and Brazil found CTV more frustrating than PC (33% of Argentinians and 29% of Brazilians said CTV was most frustrating while 23% in Argentina and 25% in Brazil said PC was most frustrating.)

  • Viewers in Colombia and Mexico found PC more frustrating than CTV. (28% of Colombians and 27% of Mexicans said PC was most frustrating while 26% of Colombians and 20% in Mexico said CTV was most frustrating.)

Brazilians and Colombians have high rates of frustration with streaming video.

  • 13% of Brazil and Colombia said they experience a frustration every time they watch.

Viewers across countries have different reactions when they experience streaming delays like buffering.

  • 52% Argentinian viewers and 58% Brazilian viewers give up and try later.

  • 47% of Colombians and 45% of Mexicans will try to watch in a different video app.

More than half of viewers across Latin America have to wait an average of 8 seconds or longer for their videos to load.

  • These delays are highest in Colombia, where 63% of viewers wait 8 or more seconds for videos to load, followed by Brazil (61%), Mexico (55%) and Argentina (53%).

Colombia has the highest number of viewers who abandon a stream after a single re-buffer.

  • 40% of Colombians will leave after a single buffer.

There are high expectations for download functionality among viewers in every country we surveyed.

  • 78% of viewers in Argentina, 84%of viewers in Brazil, 83% of viewers in Colombia, and 88% of viewers in Mexico expect streaming services to include a video download feature.

To get more data on Latin American streaming video viewers, check out our full report or contact us to speak to one of our experts in the region.


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