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The New iPhone 13 Shows How Important Mobile Video Viewing Has Become

Apple is soon launching its latest development in device technology: the much-awaited iPhone 13. The new model comes with a few key advancements, such as a more sophisticated camera for taking photos at night and for filming. The ever-evolving camera of the iPhone is one of its top marketing strategies.

Yet, beyond the flashy marketing of the newest release, there are some interesting insights to glean with what Apple has chosen to focus on with the iPhone 13. Specifically, for OTT providers, there’s one clear takeaway: mobile video is more important than ever. Here are two key features of the new iPhone that are going to have significant impact on the viewer experience.

1. Extended battery life for longer viewing sessions.

The new line of iPhones has been designed to optimize battery life, with a new low-power display feature, a better A15 chip, and larger batteries. Further, the 13 Pro Max boasts the longest battery life of any iPhone to date. The biggest benefit of this, as noted by MacRumors, is that it will allow for longer video streaming sessions.

“Apple claims that when streaming video, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max last nine hours and 13 hours longer than last year's equivalent models, respectively.”

That’s an impressive boost, but more importantly it demonstrates that streaming video is a huge priority for smartphone users. Apple has a vested interest in improving the streaming experience, with its own service Apple TV+. Yet, with that aside, the company clearly understands that people are increasingly using their phones as a video viewing device, spending more time than ever consuming mobile content—especially (as recent data has shown) when they’re at home.

2. Apple brags that with 5G, video downloading will be faster than ever.

Another way Apple’s new release supports mobile video is through 5G. In promoting the iPhone 13, the company emphasizes how not only does 5G improve video streaming but it makes video downloading faster.

More viewers are downloading videos from OTT apps because they understand it’s a better way to watch: they can get immediate playback, no re-buffering, and ensure high quality. Though 5G will help alleviate some of these issues caused by streaming, they won’t be a cure-all and we can expect viewers to continue downloading video at high rates. It’s great that with 5G, Apple expects downloading will be improved.

Of course, though, a strong cellular or wifi connection isn’t the only factor that determines how fast a video downloads. In fact, even when controlling for connectivity, Penthera’s sophisticated download technology enables our clients to outperform the download capabilities of top OTT providers, with 6x to 8x faster downloads than Netflix and Amazon Prime. Learn more about what sets Penthera Download apart.

From download speeds to battery life while streaming, it’s clear that mobile video performance is crucial not just in the OTT industry, but a potential differentiating factor among hardware providers, too. As mobile video consumption skyrockets, giving viewers the best possible experience, from device hardware to app software and beyond, is vital for businesses looking to gain an edge.

Source: MacRumours


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