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Businesses increasingly reach their employees, customers, and other stakeholders with video. Video simplifies and expands the reach of corporate communications and training for audiences that are remote and mobile. In business, every interaction counts, and poor video quality, stalls, and interruptions can cost valuable employee time, or the attention of potential customers.


Penthera’s solutions can help businesses deliver training and marketing messages without interruption.

Modern Architecture

Why Enterprise organizations need a video strategy?

Corporate e-learning will be a $38B market in 2026

Video learning can reduce training costs by 50-70%

87% of marketers say that video marketing delivers a positive ROI

How can we help?

Eliminate interruptions and poor video quality caused by poor connectivity during streaming

Offer an offline viewing feature trusted by the world’s largest media distributors

Best-in-class engineering support to ensure your app is providing the best streaming experience for your employees

Rich analytics to measure viewership, diagnose issues, and view feature statistics

Penthera products for Enterprise businesses

Download  customer-favorite feature for uninterrupted viewing anywhere

PlayAssure addresses video quality issues like re-buffering caused by network constraints beyond your CDN

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