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Nobody wants to stop a workout because of buffering. That’s why 95% of fitness video downloads are played back when the customer is connected to the internet, to avoid interruptions. 


People enjoy the convenience and flexibility that fitness videos provide, but these benefits can become compromised when poor connectivity leads to startup delays, re-buffering, low quality, or other streaming issues. When viewers encounter these issues, they spend less time in your app and churn, costing you significant revenue.


Penthera’s technology solves these issues and keeps your audience engaged and active. We reduce the last-mile issues that lead to frustration, ensuring users can watch the fitness content they love—even with unreliable networks or no connectivity.

Penthera products for fitness apps
  • FastPlay: Make streaming smoother by eliminating start-up delays.

  • Download: Let users download content so they can watch without interruption.

  • Download for AVOD: Bring a new feature to market while increasing ad revenue.​​​​

    • Auto-download: A feature that automates the download process so users can easily watch their favorite fitness series.
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Learn more about fitness video trends and get user insights in our

Future of Fitness report.

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