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6 Tips For Promoting Download to Your Users

Adding download capabilities to your video streaming app is an important way to let your users truly watch your content wherever they go, even when their connectivity is limited. But incorporating download technology into your offerings shouldn’t be the last step on a provider’s download journey: it’s crucial to ensure your users know that they can download your video content — and to craft a user experience that makes downloading intuitive and easy to use.

Below are a few tips to help your users discover and utilize all the benefits of download. These simple and effective strategies will let viewers know they can download and remove any barrier for them to begin taking advantage of it. In the end, not only will they have a better experience on your app, you’ll also see increased engagement of your downloadable content.

1. Shout it from the rooftops.

Studies show that people are excited about download. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by Penthera, 34% of participants said they are more likely to watch programming from a service offering the feature, while 18% said the feature would make them less likely to cancel their subscription. This shows just how important it is to let your users know that they can download your content and watch it wherever they go.

Mention download in your newsletters, send a push notification to users’ phones and talk about it on social media. Telling your users about your download options will encourage them to use it and stay engaged with your content.

2. Make download clear as day within your app.

An easy-to-navigate user experience will make users more likely to use download. Be sure to incorporate clear icons indicating download and strong CTAs throughout the app so that users know where and how they can download.

Also, including a download progress bar will clue users in about how much longer each download may take, improving their experience as well.

3. Make downloadable content easy to find with in-app search.

Oftentimes, users are exclusively hoping to find content they can download before a time when their connectivity will be limited, such as before a flight or train ride. Help them quickly find shows or movies they can download by offering it as a category or filter in your app’s content search tool. This search mode will remove content that is streaming-exclusive and enable users to find something they can enjoy on the go.

4. Anticipate and answer the FAQs.

Once they know that you offer download, users may have questions about the details of how it works and how they can use it. Add a section to your app’s “frequently asked questions” section that anticipates and answers some common questions users might have, such as:

Is there a limit to how many videos I can download?
How do I delete downloads from my device?
Why can’t I download certain videos?

5. Use download in your SEO/SEM strategy.

Your SEO/SEM strategy should help people who want to view your content find your app. Create a list of keywords (perhaps matched with your popular show titles) to extend your search presence. Some potential keywords to pair with your show titles could be “Download Shows and Movies,” “Watch Anywhere,” “On Demand,” among many others.

6. Take advantage of the app store.

These days, download is considered a premium feature for streaming apps. Be sure to let potentials customers know they can expect the feature in your app by showcasing it on your App Store page. Plus, having premium features that enhance user experience will ultimately lead to better app store reviews — which will, in turn, drive more app downloads.

The success of your download feature is directly tied to how well users understand that you offer the features. Viewers are excited about the ability to download, and optimizing your marketing materials and app to show off the functionality will help keep users engaging with your content whenever and wherever they go.


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