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NAB NEW YORK: Scott Halpert Talks about Solving Monetization Problems for SSAI/DAI in VOD

Scott Halpert, Penthera's Senior Vice President, Product, and Partnerships, spoke at NAB New York during a session titled "Solving Monetization Problems for SSAI/DAI In VOD."

The summary of the session is as follows:

While Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) may address the challenges of employing client-side processes for ad insertion on streaming video, Video on Demand with SSAI is limited since all the ad decisions must be made between the user pressing ‘play’ and the first frame of the video rendering. By having to offer the stream’s associated inventory simultaneously, and well ahead of when ads are actually going to run, AVOD publishers’ fill, yield, and CPM rates all are being negatively impacted. But there is a way to overcome these costly limitations. During this Tech Chat, Scott Halpert will discuss how Penthera’s cloud-based solution can empower AVOD publishers to increase revenues and overcome the critical limitations of SSAI by time shifting when VOD ad decisions need to be made.

You can learn more about Scott's session by downloading the new white paper he authored, "Understanding and Solving Monetization Problems for SSAI/DAI in VOD." You can also read the recent MediaPost interview with Scott about the rise of SSAI.

Contact Penthera today to learn more about how publishers and advertisers worldwide are using Penthera to improve the streaming video experience.


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