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Video quality issues drive viewers away, causing lower engagement with your content and even churn. As customers choose which services to subscribe to and which to drop, it’s increasingly important for providers to ensure a good experience across all the devices. 


OTTs invest in CDNs and other video infrastructure, but that can't solve problems that occur on unreliable wireless and WiFi networks. In fact, 91% of viewers have experienced lag, buffering and other issues when trying to watch according to our research. 


Penthera’s technology reduces the last-mile issues that lead to viewer frustration. We leverage the storage on users’ devices to ensure they can watch high-quality video—even with unreliable networks or no connectivity.


Our solutions give your viewers a flawless and immersive experience so you can increase revenue by reducing churn and stream abandonment, driving longer sessions, and engaging your app users wherever they go.

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Learn how you can increase sessions, reduce churn, and grow your bottom line.

Penthera products for SVOD OTTs
  • FastPlay: Make streaming smoother by eliminating start-up delays.

  • Download: Let users download content so they can watch without interruption.​​​​

    • Auto-download: A feature that automates the download process so users can easily binge your videos. 
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