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How Latin American OTT Viewers Feel About Streaming Video Ads

Ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) is a popular way to consume content across the globe, as it lets viewers watch for little or no cost. But the exchange of content for ad views loses its appeal to consumers when the experience of watching ads comes with delays, repeated ads, and other frustrations.

Penthera’s Latin American Streaming Video Report revealed a lot of insights about how viewers in the region feel about OTT video, and on our blog we shared how viewing habits and frustrations towards streaming differ among countries. In this post, we’ll break down how viewers in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico feel specifically about streaming video advertising—from their preferred ad types to their biggest pain points with the video ad experience.

More than two-thirds of viewers in Latin America watch ad-supported video on demand.

  • AVOD content is most popular in Mexico with 73% of viewers saying they watch it.

  • They are followed closely by Argentina (72%), Brazil (71%), and Colombia (65%).

Argentinian viewers prefer AVOD content to subscriptions.

  • Argentina is the only country we surveyed where viewers say they enjoy AVOD content more than subscription-based video: 45% say AVOD is their preferred way to watch, while only 30% say they prefer subscriptions.

A poor ad experience is a deal breaker for many viewers.

  • 19% of Brazilians and Mexicans say a bad ad experience is the #1 reason they stop using a streaming service.

Viewers across the region have varying preferences about where ads show up in their videos.

  • In Colombia and Mexico, the most popular ad type is in-stream with 59% of Mexicans and 57% of Colombians citing it as their favorite.

  • In Argentina and Brazil, pre/post roll ads are preferred: 48% of Argentinians and 44% of Brazilians say it’s their top choice.

The countries also disagree about which feature makes the best ad experience:

  • In Argentina, being able to select the type of ad before a video starts is the most popular way to make a more enjoyable ad experience, with 28% citing it as their preference.

  • In Brazil and Mexico, more people say they prefer shorter, more frequent ads (37% in Brazil and 34% in Mexico).

  • In Colombia, the two features are tied with 29% of viewers preferring the ad selection options and 29% preferring short, more frequent ads.

Viewers across the region do not feel represented in streaming video ads.

  • Argentina has the highest rate of not feeling represented at 77% of viewers.

  • 72% of Colombians, 70% of Mexicans, and 61% of Brazilian viewers don’t feel represented in their ads.

  • The top reason for this feeling in every country surveyed was that the products being advertised aren’t local.

The relevancy of ads is also a concern.

  • More than half of viewers in Argentina and Colombia say they streaming video ads they see aren’t relevant to them.

The ability to download free video content with ads attached is popular in Latin America.

  • In Mexico, 57% of viewers say such a feature would make them more likely to use a streaming service.

  • 50% of Colombians, 48% of Brazilians, and 38% of Argentians also say they’re more likely to use a streaming service that includes the feature.

To learn how to improve the ad experience for your viewers, contact us to speak to one of our experts in Latin America. For more data on Latin American streaming video viewers, check out our full report.


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