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Revenue-Generating Power of Penthera + Amazon On Display at IBC 2023

2nd Look Demo Will Be Featured in AWS Booth; Penthera Now An AWS Partner for Monetization

Amazon first acknowledged the game-changing capabilities of Penthera’s 2nd Look in the spring when it made Penthera’s cloud-based solution a featured offering in the Amazon Partner Network. The APN inclusion validated 2nd Look’s ability to increase revenue and vastly improve start-up times for ad-supported streamers using MediaTailor Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) by enabling real-time ad decisions.

Fast forward to later this week, the power of a Penthera and Amazon partnership will be on full display at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam starting this Friday. A demonstration in the Monetization area of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) IBC booth will show the numerous benefits of using SSAI with the unmatched combination of 2nd Look and AWS’s MediaTailor ad stitcher versus using Client-Side Ad Insertion (CSAI).

A side-by-side comparison of a stream using CSAI and an SSAI stream using 2nd Look and MediaTailor will show how Penthera’s award-winning solution enhances AWS’s Media and Entertainment product offering by enabling real-time ad pod construction for AVOD content using MediaTailor SSAI.

While SSAI normally requires all pods to be created at the start of a VOD session, 2nd Look connects with ad stitchers and enables publishers using SSAI to offer pods individually right before ad breaks occur, which results in:

  • Significantly higher yield, CPM, and fill rates as a result of increased buying opportunities made possible through real-time pod construction.

  • Increased render rates as a result of ads being viewed more often.

  • Rapid start-up times since pods are not required to all be built at the start of streams.

“Building products that solve known customer needs is the core of what we do. The ad-supported industry told us they needed a solution that would give them the ad decisioning flexibility of CSAI as they migrate to SSAI for customer experience and operational simplicity. 2nd Look does just that,” explains Penthera President Brian Kline. “To be recognized as an Amazon partner validates this and the amazing Penthera team behind it.”

To see the demo, you can pre-schedule an IBC meeting with the Penthera team today. If you’re not going to IBC and want to learn more about 2nd Look, schedule a demo today.

Penthera Now An AWS Partner for Monetization

The upcoming IBC demo follows last week’s announcement of the AWS for Media & Entertainment solution area focused on monetization. Penthera now joins other global technology leaders, such as Nielsen, Innvoid, Comscore, SpringServe, and TripleLift, as an official AWS Partner for Monetization.

“In order to align revenue with viewership, media companies are seeking to modernize and simplify their ad sales systems to deliver unified buying, fulfillment, and measurement across their linear and digital properties. As a result, these companies are reimagining business models, leveraging data to maximize yield across direct and programmatic sales, and ensure campaigns are optimally fulfilled across platforms,” Dr. Nage Sethu, AWS’s Principal Industry Specialist for Advertising, Marketing and Data Science Solutions for Worldwide Media and Entertainment Customers, wrote on the AWS Blog when announcing the new Monetization solution area.


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