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Premium content should be an immersive experience.

How do premium video providers make sure their content is viewed in the highest quality?


Congested WiFi and wireless networks cause interruptions that break your viewer’s experience and their connection to your content. SVODs need solutions that help deliver an engaging experience regardless of the quality of their customer’s network connection. Our solutions extend your video infrastructure to the customer’s device to eliminate annoying issues with re-buffering and fuzzy video.

Why should SVODs extend their edge?

17% of viewers leave after the first re-buffer

32% of viewers use another app after experiencing a streaming issue

54% of viewers use the download feature monthly

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How can we help?

TV Screens

Deliver the highest quality video stream to your viewers

Led TV

Solve common streaming problems including re-buffering, start-up delays, poor video quality and offline playback


Ensure your app is providing the best streaming experience with our best-in-class support team

Analyzing the data

See usage and performance statistics with our analytics platform 

Penthera products for SVODs

PlayAssure addresses video quality issues like re-buffering caused by network constraints beyond your CDN

Download for SVOD customer-favorite feature for uninterrupted viewing anywhere

Programming Console

Penthera is trusted by the largest global SVODS


Leading global media service Paramount+  has a tiered subscription model that offers users two price points to keep up with the competitive landscape. One plan charges a lower subscription fee with advertising to meet revenue needs, while the other is a premium tier that has a higher subscription fee and no advertising. Paramount+ needed to deliver more value to their audience to justify the higher subscription tier, especially as the OTT industry faces high levels of subscription fatigue.


Offering Download as one of the features on the premium plan to incentivize users to upgrade their subscription.

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