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44% of viewers say that re-buffering remains the most frustrating aspect of online viewing (Source: Limelight) and 40% say it is the top reason they abandon a stream. For OTT video providers, that means re-buffering translates to churn, shorter video sessions, and higher abandonment rates. 

Penthera’s new product PlayAssure combats re-buffering and video quality issues caused by factors beyond the reach of your CDN, such as poor WiFi and mobile connectivity.

How PlayAssure works:
  • Lightweight SDK integration that works with your existing video infrastructure.

  • Uses download technology to build out a real-time, extensive buffer during a streaming session. 

  • Provides video segments from the PlayAssure cache to the video player when the player is unable to acquire video segments from the CDN.

  • Ensures that the video session results in less or no video re-buffering.

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Let your viewers watch with better video quality and less buffering

Frequently Asked Questions

What does PlayAssure do?

PlayAssure is a client software solution that dramatically extends the size of the video buffer by using real time download technology. PlayAssure reduces or eliminates re-buffering events in streaming video sessions and can help ensure your customers view a higher quality video than they would with just Adaptive Bit Rate technology and a standard player buffer.

Why do video streams re-buffer or have low video quality?

Network conditions can change rapidly, especially over mobile and WiFi networks. Besides competing for bandwidth with other devices on the network, wireless networks are highly susceptible to environmental factors such as distance from the tower or hotspot and obstacles like doors and tree leaves (yes, even trees!).

The video player stores a small amount of video in its buffer to help smooth out these variations. But, when networks vary, the buffer will request lower quality video to ensure it keeps its buffer full. If the buffer cannot be refilled, the player will eventually run out of video and the viewer will experience “re-buffering” as the player requests and waits to receive video segments to fill the buffer.

How does PlayAssure reduce or eliminate re-buffering?

PlayAssure takes advantage of network variations by using the periods of time when there is excess bandwidth to cache video beyond what can be stored in the player buffer.

How does PlayAssure improve video quality?

If video quality is the preferred metric (for example on CTV devices), PlayAssure can be set to use the excess bandwidth available to request and cache the highest possible quality segments.

How is PlayAssure activated in a video session?

PlayAssure automatically starts the moment the viewer presses play on a streaming video asset.

Will PlayAssure reduce the quality of the video stream because it is downloading at the same time?

No, it will not. PlayAssure only downloads the video cache when there is excess bandwidth available beyond what is required for the video stream the player is requesting.