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Improve video quality and eliminate rebuffering to improve viewer engagement

Video providers invest in their infrastructure to improve streaming performance, but don’t control performance of the WiFi and wireless networks that connect to their customers’ devices. Unreliable networks cause rebuffering and fuzzy video, and 40% of subscribers say that these are top reasons they abandon video streams.


PlayAssure   improves video quality and reduces or eliminates rebuffering due to unreliable networks by building a real-time, more extensive buffer of video on streaming devices during the playback session.



Deployed to your app with the existing player, DRM and CDN

Data Processing

Optimize Experience

Use to eliminate rebuffering on mobile devices, or ensure the highest quality HD or 4K on CTV



Works in the background without significant changes to your app

TV Screens

Supported Devices

Works on mobile devices, tablets, Android/Google TV, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV

Publisher Benefits Include

Create immersive video streams by reducing interruptions and delivering the highest video quality

Reduce the impact of unreliable networks on your customer experience

Reduce churn and lost video sessions

See improvements through playback analytics

Increase ad revenue by ensuring your customers watch more of the stream

Proactive support and monitoring team to ensure the best viewer experience

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