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Every impression counts, and you can't afford to lose money because your ads and video don't play. Ad delivery failures are growing, and the rate of failures rose to an enormous 40% in 2020. This is costing the ad-supported video industry billions of dollars in revenue. Plus, it’s frustrating viewers and leading to high rates of stream abandonment. 


Penthera’s technology solves these problems by replicating the streaming ad model in an offline environment. We diminish ad failures and create a seamless experience for viewers resulting in an increase in revenue for AVODs and more viewer engagement.


See how much revenue impact Download for AVOD can have on your business.

These are estimates based on Penthera's proprietary data on download trends across our global network.


What we offer for AVOD OTT providers:
  • Download for AVOD: Reduce ad revenue loss while getting feature parity with SVODs.

  • FastPlay: Make streaming smoother by eliminating start-up delays.​​​​

    • Auto-download: A feature that automates the download process so users can easily binge your videos. 

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Learn more about how Penthera Download for AVOD works and how it

helps your bottom line.

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