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Improve Streaming Quality with PlayAssure

If you’re an OTT publisher, you know that video streaming quality is essential to your success. How can you ensure a high-quality stream? Penthera's newest solution to improve viewing quality —PlayAssure real-time buffering.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Low bandwidth and other last-mile issues cause rebuffering and challenges to the streaming video experience

  • Penthera’s PlayAssure builds a larger real-time buffer to eliminate rebuffering and other issues

PlayAssure Improves Video Streaming Quality

A raft of video quality issues has long plagued OTT streaming viewers—rebuffering, delayed start times, low resolution, and more. According to the Penthera 2021 U.S. Video Streaming Report, “videos not rebuffering” is one of the top two factors viewers cite when determining which OTTs to use. (The other is “ease of use.”) 4% of viewers say that rebuffering will cause them to cancel a subscription to a streaming service. Since the average churn rate has risen to 44%, rebuffering is a serious issue for OTT providers.

Inferior Internet connections in the last mile cause many of these issues. Low bandwidth and other factors strangle the signal feeding into users’ homes and devices, resulting in unwanted pauses, stuttering, and other issues. Unfortunately, there has been little OTT providers can do to overcome these last-mile issues—until now.

The solution to these last-mile streaming issues is Penthera’s PlayAssure. PlayAssure leverages periods during a stream when there is extra bandwidth to create a more extensive real-time video buffer on viewers’ streaming devices. This larger buffer virtually eliminates the potential for rebuffering due to bandwidth issues and improves the overall video quality for viewers.

One of the more significant benefits of the PlayAssure solution is that viewers end up watching more of the OTT stream because there is less rebuffering. This increased engagement improves customer satisfaction, reduces churn, and increases ad viewership on AVOD networks.

Let Penthera Help You Improve Video Streaming Quality

The experts at Penthera are dedicated to improving the streaming video experience. PlayAssure and other streaming solutions eliminate last-mile issues such as rebuffering. Clients such as Paramount+ and Showtime love our solutions, which are currently deployed on over 140 million devices in 36 countries—we make the streaming video.

Contact us today to learn more about how PlayAssure


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